Your royal highness,

We, Colonists in the Americas and your loyal subjects, with all respect write this letter today to communicate to you, the father of Britain and her colonies, our concerns and grievances on acts parliament had made that we consider unlawful, unfair and unconstitutional. We believe some acts have attacked our rights as Englishmen. The things that concern us is the numerous taxes parliament has passed towards the colonies as well as the intolerable acts toward the colony of Massachusetts and the city of Boston.

The taxes that have been imposed over the last years that we do not approve of include the sugar act, which imposed taxes on sugars, The stamp act, which imposed taxes on all printed materials and all the numerous taxes Britain imposed in the Townshend acts on British imports to the colonies. We feel that we have enough independence and authority as Englishmen to have our own representatives impose taxes instead of the British Parliament. We totally disapprove the Townshend acts taxes, this is unlawful and void. We are not going to put up with British economic blackmail. We demand that you repeal this taxes immediately.
We also demand that you repeal the intolerable acts you passed towards the colony of Massachusetts.

We know that you as the father of the colonies will remedy this situation and comply with our petitions and respect our rights as Englishmen.

Colonists of the New England